Tungsten Nickel Iron alloys

  • Tungsten Nickel Iron alloys
Tungsten Nickel Iron alloys

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Tungsten Nickel Iron alloys (18.8g/cm3) are made of tungsten based two phase composites with Ni, Fe as additions to form a ductile matrix. Tungsten Nickel Iron alloys has good machining properties, excellent radiation resistance, lower expansion coefficient, high strength and modulus of elasticity, which make them extensively used in radiation protection and guidance, balance weights, security and defense etc.


Tungsten Nickel Iron Alloy Property
− High Strength:Tensile strength as 700-1000MPa.

− Excellent Radiation Protection:Tungsten alloy is 1.7 times than Lead in radiation protection capability with same thickness.

− The Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity: The thermal conductivity coefficient of tungsten alloy is 5 times of die steel.

− lower expansion coefficient.

− Good Plasticity, Machining and Welding Capability.

− Compared with lead toxicity, tungsten alloy is zero damage of environment. Radiation detectors made by tungsten alloy has no harm to human body.

− Compared with tungsten nickel copper alloy, tungsten nickel iron alloy has ferromagnetic property, and the mechanical properties, processing properties are better than tungsten copper nickel alloy.


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