Tungsten Heat Shield

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Tungsten Heat Shield

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Tungsten material with good thermal emission performance, coupled with the tungsten plate resistance to heat deformation and can withstand high vapor pressure, it is widely used in high temperature furnace, closest to the core heating element next to thermal insulation layer.
The demand for Sapphire has experienced huge growth in recent years, the process for growing long sapphire crystal is entirely depends on the temperature stability and maintaining uniform thermal field, high melting point and stable performance at high temperature and low pollution in sapphire crystal tungsten heat insulation screen has been widely used in the oven.
Heat preservation system is critical for the long crystal growth environment, maintain thermal field uniformity will greatly affect the final crystal quality, the efficiency of heat preservation system can maintain the correct hot field structure and can enhance heating power to ensure uniform temperature in the furnace, at the same time greatly reduce heat loss.

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Tungsten Heat Shield






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